2022:2:Focal to Local MIX [Magic] Spring in Tohoku and the magic word original soundtracks.DJ Sinsen

The Tohoku region of Japan. Coincidentally made famous by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the spring in this region is very beautiful and vivid. Last spring, I spent a week travelling around the region.
The inspiration I enjoyed during my trip. This is not just a promotion, but a record that is difficult to put into words.

The Japanese song in the mix is called “Magic Words”. The song was created as a tribute to the world of “Moomin”, a fairy tale from Sweden, a snowy country like the Tohoku region. The whole video is just a camera in a beautiful time. It’s my own world.

The past year has been very long and painful.At times like this, travelling helps me to heal.
Life is fleeting, short and beautiful. It is a pleasure to be at one with nature.

“Magic”. For promotion. (Altenative/Techno/Abstract/Trip Hop)

[sound only & track list]


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